One of the many very nice things about Vermont is that people here really enjoy gardening. It doesn't matter where you live, chances are you aren't too many miles from a nursery of some sort; and you're never too far from someone who can point their hoe in the right direction to one. Every nursery seems to have an owner with a special horticultural interest, so between your ideas and their resources, you can always come away with some new ideas and some great plant material.

Here at Vermont Flower Farm we see ourselves as one of those resources. We have participated in our own garden evolution over the past twenty five years and we think this has made us more valuable to you. When we lived in Burlington we sold over fifty varieties each of herbs and perennials and we had cut flowers including sweet peas, delphiniums, celosia, asters and zinnias galore. For the early 80's in Vermont that was quite a show! When we relocated to Marshfield, we decided to slow down and concentrate on just a few things that were special to us. That's exactly what we have done!

As we have succeeded with daylilies and hostas, we have begun to grow and offer a limited number of plants which fare well here and compliment our other favorites. Some are common, some are unusual, some are not readily available at other nurseries. The certainty is that you will enjoy seeing them all and will want to add some to your personal gardening plans. Come visit!


Please Note: Gail is shuffling the shade plants around this year as we try to rearrange the large hosta collection to be easier to access for everyone. As such we have reduced the number of shade plants available for web sales to actaea, aruncus, epimedium and trollius. Other shade lovers are available for sale but only at the nursery. Hostas are in good supply and are available potted and some as field dug. Have questions? Call us at the nursery at 802-426-3506 or leave Gail an email at