Many, many years ago as I was driving through Old Bennington in southern Vermont, I passed a corner lot with a white picket fence. Most of the front lawn was a sea of trollius in full bloom. I didn't know the flower at the time but as soon as I learned the name, I began to grow it. Today there are many more cultivars than there were then and for me it is a plant that has proven its usefulness here in the east.

Commonly known as globeflower, this buttercup wild flower relative is very easy to grow. It enjoys rich, moist soil but not wet soil. The confusion over optimum planting location may be because many have successfully planted it along streams, ponds and bogs where you might get the impression (wrong!)it can grow in water.

There is quite a bit of height variation from 18"-20" on up to over 36" in height. Above the glossy, dark green, fine cut foliage, bowl shaped, waxy flowers look upward with incurved petals surrounding prominent stamens. This plant grows best in humus rich soil but we have had it growing in full sun in clay and in partial shade in a rock pile well mixed with sodium chloride from the winter's road salting. In all locations it has done well for us.

In about three years a single plant will begin to clump and spread but it won't get out of bounds like wild buttercup. It makes a good cut flower in water for about 4 days and will last another couple days if you sear the ends as soon as you cut it. When the flowers go by, if you cut them off, there will be a second bloom around Labor Day--not lots of bloom but a reminder of how nice a summer it has been. In the past we have had 'Cheddar' and 'Lemon Queen' and someplace here Gail has some 'Alabaster' she is growing on for future sales.








EARLIEST OF ALL Open, delicate, clear golden yellow bloom, 20" tall $12.75
  FIRE GLOBE Orange double. 30" tall N/A 2013  
  ORANGE PRINCESS Vibrant 2.5" orange blooms at maturity. Great mixed in hot border. 24"-30" $12.75
  PRITCHARD'S GIANT Dark orange with finely cut, glossy foliage. 30"-36" tall. Early. N/A 2013  
  EUROPAEUS 'SUPERBUS' Sulphur yellow blooms to 3 inches across at maturity. 24" tall. Can handle drier soils. $12.75