Daylilies are the second most popular perennial in North America and represent the fastest growing perennial offered. Hundreds and hundreds of new daylilies are registered each year and hybridizers continue to develop great new flowers. As more and more gardeners find how easy daylilies are to grow, we receive more requests to help build collections by hybridizer name or color combination.

Here are a few collections Gail has put together to make things easier to get started. These are "as listed", so no plant subsitutions please. We want to keep it simple for everyone! Questions? 802-426-3505 or email Gail at



red volunteer rooten tooten red prairie wildfire funny valentine ruby spider


This is a really good array of top notch reds. Not only are the colors and sizes great, the various bloom times carry from July through August. Collection includes one each of Red Volunteer, Rooten Tooten Red, Prairie Wildfire, Funny Valentine and Ruby Spider. A $79.50 value for $67.50.



bela lugosi garden show nosferatu round midnight strutters ball

Here is a very dependable starter collection of some of the best lavenders and purples. This is a winner! Bela Lugosi, Garden Show, Nosferatu, Round Midnight and Strutters Ball. $79.50 value for $67.50.




double river wye dreamsouffle1 infinity1


Different gardeners have different preferences. In recent years we have noticed increasing interest in older varieties and also double daylilies. This is a great little collection to get started with. It includes one each of Double River Wye, Dream Souffle, and Infinity. These are all good growers with Dream Souffle and Infinity blooming into late summer-early fall--a little longer if it doesn't turn dry. $50.50 value for $45.50.

Or triple the collection and extend rows, add to exiting gardens, or plant in 3's for the appearence of big clumps and instant impact!

$151.50 value for $136.50




alabama jubilee alpha centauri mighty chestnut raspberry suede south seas


A blend of strong, make-a-statement daylilies, combined to make a great gift for a friend or a nice daylily beginning for you. These are standouts, individually and as a planting. One plant each including Alabama Jubilee, Alpha Centauri, Mighty Chestnut, Raspberry Suede and South Seas. A $79.50 value for $67.50
Or triple the collection! Same selections but three of each plant. This would be enough to plant a 50 foot row, or an 18 foot garden three deep. The daylilies in this collection are strong growers and will fill in nicely. A $238.50 value for $197.50.



custard candy pewter pink sunday gloves sweet tart



Each of these has a subtle beauty, each offers special favors to draw your attention and calm your garden journey. One plant each of Barbara Mitchell, Custard Candy, Pewter Pink, Sunday Gloves and Sweet Tart. Excellent bud count over a long bloom period. A $79.50 value for $67.50.



alabama jubilee bright sunset spellbinder omomuki primal scream
Lots of pizzazz in this great selection! Guaranteed to brighten your garden and your spirits, viewed from near or from a distance. One plant each of Alabama Jubilee, Bright Sunset, Spellbinder, Omomuki, and Primal Scream. George thinks this is our best combination for adding sparks to your garden! $79.50 value for $67.50.



august frost elegant candy crystalline pink
scottish fantasy sweet tart sunday gloves

August Frost, Elegant Candy, Crystalline Pink,

Scottish Fantasy, Sweet Tart, Sunday Gloves

A collection that by year 3 will provide loads of blooms from the end of July and into the end of September...and even longer if watered well.



$93.00 value for $83.00




alabama jubilee alpha centauri desert flame red razzmatazz
prairie wildfire fire king yellow mammoth


Bold colors so strong the blooms command attention some distance from your home, outbuildings, driveway or walkways. Alabama Jubilee, Alpha Centauri, Desert Flame, Red Razzmatazz, Prairie Wildfire, Fire King, Yellow Mammoth.
$108.50 value for $97.00



Each daylily is at least 5 feet tall, w/abundant blooms on vigorous scapes.

Citrina altissima, Citrina vespertina, Challenger, Steeple Jackie,

and Tetrina's Daughter


altissima citrina vespertina 1 challenger steeple jackie tetrinas daughter


Back of the border/along the fence favorites that bloom and bloom, waving nice color to passers by. 1 each, an $81.50 value for $73.00
3 times the plants provides quicker fill-in, quicker clumping, fills in more fence line $244.50 value for $210.00




country club crystalline pink apricot sparkles spanish glow flamingo fatansy


Color is an eye of the beholder thing and for many, the differences between apricots, peaches and pinks can be subtle enough to be confusing. George always says "my peach may be your apricot color, my pink may be your peach." Regardless of how you see them, this continuum of color has a place in your garden and these 5 daylilies are a great place to start!


1 of each Country Club, Crystalline Pink, Apricot Sparkles, Spanish Glow and Flamingo Fantasy $77.50 value for $69.50


3 times the plants provides quicker fill-in, quicker clumping, fills in more fence line
$232.50 value for $205.00




Of the more than 75,000 registered daylilies, probably more than half have eyes of some size or color. Visitors tell us they like eyes or they don't like eyes but we are kind of partial to them because of the way they change the visual dimension of our gardens.


Here's a little collection Gail put together to get folks started. These are really good growers that produce abundant blooms over a long season. Once established, Modern Design, for example, will still be blooming well into September and if the fall season has ample water, there will probably be some bloom into October when Vermont's world famous foliage begins to turn. Beside Modern Design, Gail has included Adorable Tiger, El Desperado, Mighty Chestnut, and Fooled Me.


adorable tiger el desperado mighty chestnut modern design fooled me


One collection of "eyes" $77.50 value for $69.00


Triple your "eyes" with three of each $232.50 value for $205.00